Do you find yourself sitting for prolong periods of time, or do you work from home? Do you ever experience tightness or stiffness in your neck, back or shoulders?
If so this video is for you! Add this into your daily routine.

Perform at least 2x a day while at work or sitting. Hold for 10 seconds each position.
Give it a shot, and comment on the video if this was helpful to you!

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Glute bridges are a useful exercise for building core stability, building glute strength, and helps with improving posture.

Planks aids in strengthening your core, posture, balance and more.

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The Bird Dog improves stability, and relieves low back pain. This exercise targets and strengthen your core, hips, and back muscles. It also helps promote proper posture and increase range of motion.

The Dead Bug aims to improve your pelvic stability, activate your deep abdominal muscles, and help you learn how to differentiate the movement between your hips, pelvis and lower spine.

Take your time while performing these exercises and focus on controlled movement.

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This stretch targets the Iliopsoas muscle, The body’s major hip flexor. Add this stretch to your daily routine to help increase flexibility and mobility, whether you are in pain or not!
Stretch targeting the muscles of the lower back. Also one of the stretches we recommended to help with lower cross syndrome.
Tight lower back? Work this simple stretch into your daily routine!

A light stretch of your low back extensor muscles.

This seated external rotator hip stretch is one of the lowest-stress version of of the hip external rotator stretches, making it a great stretch to start with! The target muscles are deep muscles located on the outer back side of the hip, underneath the gluteus maximus muscle. If you feel tightness or soreness there, especially after activities such as running, climbing, or walking give this stretch a shot.

This low-intensity stretch is great for those who have lower back and hip pain. There are many factors that can contribute to lower back and hip pain. One being weakness of the back and abdominal muscles or muscular imbalance between these two muscle groups. Regular use of this stretch will strengthen this area and help reduce discomfort.