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Clermont's NuWave of Chiropractic

At NuWave Health & Wellness, we proudly offer an array of services designed to enhance your well-being. Backed by cutting-edge diagnostic technology and guided by our dedicated team, our patient-centric philosophy ensures you receive the care you deserve. Whether you’re seeking specific treatments or comprehensive solutions, our range of services is tailored to meet your unique needs.


This involves skilled specialists using precise hands-on techniques or a specialized instrument to apply controlled, swift force to spinal joints. By doing so, we aim to enhance spinal motion and improve your body's overall physical function. Our approach seeks to restore balance and well-being by optimizing spinal health.

Spinal Decompression

This technique involves gentle stretching of the spine using motorized equipment, such as a traction table. This non-surgical therapy targets back, neck, and leg pain, offering relief through carefully controlled traction. Unlike surgical options, our approach, known as nonsurgical spinal traction therapy, focuses on easing discomfort and promoting natural healing.


We conduct laboratory tests by collecting samples of blood, urine, or bodily fluids to gain valuable insights into your health. These tests aid in diagnosing, screening, or monitoring specific conditions, enabling us to provide informed and personalized care tailored to your unique health profile.

Electrical Stimulation

This technique triggers targeted muscle contractions by using controlled electrical signals. This therapy aids muscle recovery and healing by increasing blood flow and promoting the repair of injured muscles. Through this gentle process, we facilitate your body's natural healing mechanisms.

In house x-ray

For this service we utilize electromagnetic radiation to produce images of your body's internal structures, offering a non-invasive way to assess bone health and identify potential issues. This safe and effective diagnostic tool aids in accurate diagnosis and informed treatment planning.

Weight loss Consults

These consultations are designed to partner with you in achieving your fitness and nutrition goals. Through personalized consultations, we collaborate on crafting a sustainable fitness and nutrition regimen that supports healthy weight loss and long-term well-being.

Myovision scans (sEMG)

A painless and non-invasive handheld device, measures the electric activity in skeletal muscles. This 90-second procedure helps us understand your muscle health, enabling us to tailor treatments that address your unique needs.

Functional Medicine

This approach delves into the root causes of diseases through a comprehensive, patient-centered approach. By focusing on underlying imbalances and engaging both you and our practitioners in a therapeutic partnership, we address 21st-century healthcare needs.

Cold laser therapy

This low-intensity laser technique stimulates healing through gentle levels of light. This safe and non-invasive approach aids in healing tissue while alleviating discomfort, providing natural support for your body's recovery.

Well Aligned

We’ve designed this program to combine advanced functional wellness care with chiropractic practice. Collaborating with experts in DNA analysis, nutrition, lab technology, and more, this unique system empowers you to achieve comprehensive well-being.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and the cause and prevention of disease.
-Thomas Edison

The Well Aligned Program

Well Aligned is an individualized health and wellness program that offers a full range of treatments. Rather than treating symptoms, Well-Aligned provides the best clinical outcomes for patients by testing for, and addressing the cause of dysfunction. Follow the link below to learn more about the diagnostic programs we offer our patients through Well Aligned.